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Force Metrology

Electronic Tensometer, Model PC-2000 (Bench Model Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine Capacity: 20 KN)

The electronic Tensometer is a compact and versatile bench model horizontal Tensile Testing Machine of capacity 20 KN (2000kg). This Mini Universal Tensile Testing Machine is popularly used for testing tensile, compression . Shear, Flexural properties of different materials.
The model PC 2000 is top of the range model in series of Tensometer. It combines the state of art computer technology and precision manufacturing techniques to offer unique mini horizontal Universal Tensile Testing Machine. The on line test graph is displayed on the monitor. The features in software are the ultimate solution for ever increasing stringent demand of material testing in quality inspection. The Load cells of capacity 200N (20 Kg), 2KN (200Kg), 5KN (500 Kg), 10 KN (1000 Kg) And 20 KN (2000kg) are available with the above model. The instrument is offered with DC Servo Motor, Drive, Digital Indicating Unit and Material Testing Software software.

Electronic Tensometer, Model ER-3 :

Model ER-3 of Electronic Tensometer is an upgraded version. This model is fitted with Programmable Micro-controller Unit having the excellent features in Digital Indicating Unit (DRO). The print-out of the test report can be obtained directly through the printer without PC. The predetermined test data such as user name, date, time, supplier reference is entered in Digital Indicating Unit and the test report which indicates peak load, peak displacement, breaking load, accept/reject can be obtained. The Load cells of capacity 0.2KN (20 KG), 2KN (200KG) And 20 KN (2000kg) are available with the above model. With the Data Transfer Unit the test data is transferred to PC.

Electronic Tensometer, Model ER-1 :

This is primary model in the series of horizontal tensile testing machine, Capacity: 20 KN. The instrument is supplied with Load Cell and Digital Indicating Unit. This Mini Universal Testing Machine is popularly used for testing tensile, compressive, Shear, Flexural properties of different materials. The Load cells of capacity 0.2KN (20 KG), 2KN (200KG) and 20 KN (2000kg) are available with the above model. PDF Download

Accessories and Grips For Electronic Tensometer :

With Electronic Tensometer, there is a choice of over 100 accessories & grips to cover most of the varied requirements for R & D, Quality Control in science, industries & education. Grips are available to test a variety of materials such as metals, plastics, timber, ceramics, cement, fabrics, pharmaceutical, packaging, wires & cables etc. in tension, shear, compression & bend.PDF Download

Rubber Hardness Tester Calibrator :

The instrument is used for periodic calibration of Shore ‘A’ and Shore ‘D’ Rubber Hardness Testers (Durometers).

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Electronic Piston Ring Tester:

The equipment is useful for checking the tangential tension of piston ring. It is equipped with a programmable Mikrotech Force Gauge and Load Cell. The Force Gauge is having excellent features viz. different measuring units, audio/visual alarm mode, PC Compatibility etc. The values of tangential load are seen on the force gauge. The suitable data storage software is available on demand. The equipment is available in various models to check the piston rings of diameter from 25 mm to 750 mm. The Force Gauges of 100, 250 and 1000 N. are available. PDF Download

Piston Ring Tester (Mechanical) :

This mechanical model of Piston Ring Tester is also useful for checking tangential tension of piston ring. The instrument is fitted with cantilever assembly. The dial indicator mounted on the top, measures the deflection of the cantilever beam, under tangential force. The piston ring is mounted on the ring table. It is held in the metallic belt and compressed by pulling the lever down, closing the gap in the two ends of the ring to a desired value. Thus the cantilever deflects. The deflection in the cantilever is measured in the dial indicator and the tangential tension is indicated on the Dial Gage. The instrument is available in the different models: Model LTK – 1 (Ring Dia 25 – 160 mm) Model LTK – 2 (Ring Dia 40 – 250 mm) Model LTK – 3 (Ring Dia 100 – 400 mm) Model LTK – 4 (Ring Dia upto 700 mm).PDF Download

Mikrotech Force / Torque Gauge. :

The Hand held Mikrotech Force Torque Gauge has lot of applications, where push-pull force is to be checked. The models of capacity 1000, 250 and 100 Newton are available. The different measuring units such as Kilogram, Lb. Inches are available. The gauge also has PC Compatibility.

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Electronic Spring Tester :

This instrument is popularly used for checking the springs in tension and compression. Capacity 50 kg L.C.0.02 kg. The Instrument consists of precision mechanical stand, Mikrotech Force Indicator, compression plates and tension hooks. The deflection of spring under test is measured on Vernier Scale. The precision scale of Least Count 0.01 mm is also offered in lieu of Vernier scale.PDF Download

Eleoctrnic Specific Gravity Balance :

The instrument is useful for Checking the Specific Gravity of solid and liquid materials.Range 0.9 – 25. PDF Download

Electronic Rubber Hardness Tester Calibrator :

TThe Electronic Rubber Hardness Tester Calibrator is designed for in house calibration facility of Durometers (Rubber Hardness Tester Shore A, B, E, O, C, D & Do as per ASTM 2240). The Calibrator is provided with load cell for calibrating the spring load of Durometers with A & D scales. This tester serves Durometer users in a great way to cut costs for sending Durometer out for Calibration at the recommended intervals. If the Durometer reads within ±1 division of the point indicated on the scale, it is in Calibration.PDF Download