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Group Company

  • Kudale Instruments (P) Ltd.


  • Mikrotech


  • Kudale Calibrations Lab Pvt. Ltd.


Our D-U-N-S No.86-217-8055


We in Mikrotech undertake the repair and calibration of various measuring instruments and testing equipments, used for Force, Torque and Dimensional Measurements. We also take the Annual Maintenance Contracts for Electronic or Mechanical model of Tensometer. (Bench Model Tensile Testing Machine, Capacity 20 KN) and other products offered by us.

We offer the repair and calibration services for the following products regularly. The calibration certificate from our NABL Accredited calibration laboratory is issued for some of our products.
For further details please visit : Kudale Calibration Laboratory (P) Ltd

  • Torque Wrenches and Torque Wrench Testers.
  • Dial Calibration Tester.
  • Tensometer.
  • Specific Gravity Balance.
  • Piston Ring Tester.
  • Piston Diameter and Profile Tester.
  • Electronic Spring Tester.
Kudale Calibration Laboratory (P) Ltd is our NABL Accredited calibration laboratory, provides the calibration services for following instruments.
  • Slip Gauges
  • Length Bars
  • Dial Gauges (Plunger type, lever type and Bore Gauges)
  • Plug Gauge – Plain, Paddle Gauge, OD Master.
  • Pin Gauge Plain
  • Dial Thickness Gauge
  • Height Gauge
  • Micrometer
  • Vernier Caliper
  • Measuring Tapes and Scales
  • Filler Gauge
  • Snap Gauges (C & I Type)
  • Surface Plate (For Flatness Parameter)
  • Rubber Hardness Tester (Durometers)
  • Square Cylinder (For Squareness)
  • Setting Pieces
  • Electronic Dial Calibration Tester
  • Dial Calibration Tester
  • Probe
  • Height Master
  • Torque Wrench
  • Caliper Checker
  • Height Measuring Instruments
  • Angle Plate
  • Right Angle
  • Profile Projector (For Linear Measurement)
  • Tool Makers Microscope (For Pitch Measurement)
  • “V” Block for Length
  • Radius Gauge
  • Thread Pitch
  • Test Sieve
  • Bevel Protractor
  • Foil
  • Ford Cup (Major and Minor Diameter)
  • Torque Meter
  • Tape and Scale Calibration Unit.
  • Force Gauge
  • Thread Ring Gauge
  • Thread Plug Gauge
  • Plain Ring Gauge
  • Inside Micrometer
  • Glass Scale


  • Height Measuring Instrument.
  • Surface Plate
  • Profile Projector
  • Tool Makers Microscope
  • Straight Gauge
  • Scale and Tape Calibration Unit